Thursday, March 5, 2009


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poems by Barbara Dordi
& Michael Curtis
Russi Dordi

'The result of an unusual and exciting collaboration, Presences is a finely made poetry pamphlet of work....memories, ancestors, 'angels', visions or other metaphysical speculations....The sequence reveals echoes and allusions that spark between the texts. Ten of the poems find colourful and vibrant expression in paintings by Russi Dordi who also designed the cover.




Blurred behind windows
condensation beaded,
tree light wink the promise
of a clear road to Canterbury.

Through lofty stone arches
- no fee to pay today-
red-cheeked clerics mouth
the first seasonal greeting.

Banks of candles flanking the altar
flicker as white frilled choirs file in;
latecomers led in discretely,
the organ rumbling thunder.

At the great west door, a rush of air;
trumpets fanfare the New Arrival;
in his Joseph coat, the archbishop
leads, 'O Come all ye faithful'.

The earnest of prayers,
the topical sermon,
the sign of peace with perfect strangers,
the collect,
the carols,
the soul piercing anthems,
the final blessing
that lasts for a year.

Barbara Dordi


Closing poem:
Barbara Dordi andMichael Curtis


The sheer possibility
is no easy matter
feet on earth
to feathered flight
as if we could do just that.

We stumble, stagger,
then propelled forward, leap
and suddenly we're here
where we always wanted to be –
realising it now,

changing places
as inclination takes us,
savouring sun, relishing shade,
catching balance
on a fledgling wind.

Barbara Dordi and Michael Curtis

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