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Barbara écrit, Ruddi peint, dessine et illustre les recueils de poésies de son épouse./Photo DDM
Barbara écrit, Russi peint, dessine et illustre les recueils de poésies de son épouse./Photo DDM

Lors du premier marché de l'Art, qui s'est déroulé dans le village, nous avions rencontré Barbara et Russi Dordi, époux dans la vie, ayant des points communs dans la poésie, la peinture… Elle, est née dans le nord de l'Angleterre, a enseigné la littérature anglaise et entrepris des études de théâtre dans les écoles et universités du Kent avant de prendre sa retraite et se consacrer à sa propre écriture.
En 1995, avec son époux, Russi, ils se promènent sur le Saxon Shoreway et pendant 6 mois, ils organisent des expositions aux galeries de la bibliothèque du Kent pour lancer « Saxons in the Garden », un livre de poésies de Barbara, illustré par Russi. Depuis 1999, elle a édité Equinox, magazine de poésies et depuis, encore, cinq livres tous illustrés par son mari. Elle a obtenu des récompenses pour ses œuvres qui ont été imprimées dans plusieurs journaux et magazines. Elle fait des sculptures en céramique. En 2001, ils ont acheté une maison en France qu'ils ont restaurée. Ils ont vécu à Alaigne et sont maintenant à Cailhau.
Lui, Russi vient de Bombay, Inde, et a émigré en 1955 en Angleterre. Il a enseigné l'art et la poterie dans les écoles et établissements pour adultes. Depuis sa retraite, il peint à plein temps de l'art abstrait, dessine des paysages et/ou formes humaines dues à son inspiration. Ses œuvres destinées à des collections privées, ont été exposées dans le monde entier. Actuellement, elles sont dans la Galery Castle Arts de Canterbury, mais aussi à Whistable et Londres. Il est membre de la Société des Arts du Kent et de la Société. Nationale. Tous deux font des expositions pour lancer « Saxon in the Garden ». En 1999, ils ont gagné des prix adultes peintures et poésies combinées. Le mot de la fin : « Nous créons ensemble de nouvelles œuvres inspirées par notre amour de la France. Nous avons exposé à Mirepoix, Belvèze, Amaign, Peyrefitte… » Un autre point commun : le chant puisqu'ils font partie de la chorale d'Alaigne.

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Will the writer/translator who sent a copy by email of his article 'Mon Beau Paris' please contact The French Literary Review. Your email address, together with many more has been inadvertently deleted from the Review's account.

Monday, November 9, 2015


On Saturday 7th November I am launching my new book ‘Achille Laugé Neo-Impressionist’ - a biography of the 19th century Cailhau artist. The book has 20 illustrations in colour and black and white and has a Foreword by the painter’s great-granddaughter Anny Laugé. 

The launch will be held at the Forgerie Gallery in Alaigne between 4pm and 7pm. Refreshments will be served by Lin the gallery curator who has quite a reputation for her hospitality on these occasions.

The gallery is on your left as you enter Alaigne from Limoux - it is attached to the Chambres d’hôtes ‘Chez Dyna’ which you will see after you pass the Mairie. There are many other interesting things for sale in the gallery - a good place to buy Christmas presents and cards at very reasonable prices.

Hoping to see you there,

Best regards,


Thank you to everyone who came to my book launch - it was
a great success. Lin did her usual reorganisation of the gallery
in splendid style. She came up trumps too with the amazing
feast of nibbles, wine, Blanquette etc. Un grand merci à mes amis les cailhautais et cailhautaises qui sont venus !

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Achille Laugé

Neo-Impressionist 1861-1944

Barbara Dordi

A5 paperback 76 pages 20 illustrations 

ISBN 978-0-9536800-5-4

£11.95 or €15.00 (Including Postage) from

B. Dordi

allée du Toinet

rue de la Rougère

11240 Cailhau



In south-west France near  Carcassonne in the Aude, a small village calls itself ‘Cailhau village d’Artistes’. Cailhau’s first artist was Achille Laugé. His Pointillist style paintings and drawings disconcerted the locals in the late 19th/early 20th century. He chose to live his life with his own people, and they as well as the Salons in Paris didn’t accept him.

‘Laugé was a skilled portraitist, able to achieve an almost perfect likeness of any sitter, whether executed in charcoal, pastel or paint….’Achille Astre - The Achille Astre Gallery, Paris. ‘Laugé’s art is emotional sensitivity and controlled reason.’ - Aristide Maillol, Painter and Sculptor. ‘He is a constructer of light’ - Antoine Bourdell - sculptor & painter.‘With only four colours, red, blue, yellow and green, he sang his native country’ - Albert Sarraut - twice prime minister of France.

The friends he studied with at the École des Beaux -Arts in Paris - sculptors Antoine Bourdelle and Aristide Maillol each went on to achieve fame during his lifetime. Laugé’s relative isolation in the Languedoc-Roussillon meant that his work remained largely unknown to most French scholars, critics and collectors of his time.

Now the art world has woken up to the talent of this recluse - his time, as his friend Antoine Bourdelle predicted years ago, has come at last. Today, paintings by Laugé hang in the Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris alongside Neo-Impressionist works by Seurat and Signac. Laugé’s paintings have found a home not only in musées in France but in collections throughout the world.

Foreword by Anny Laugé - the artist’s great-granddaughter



It is with pleasure that I present this book which constitutes an opportunity for our English speaking friends.

The author Barbara Dordi, poet, editor and presenter of writing workshops, and a new inhabitant of Cailhau, was moved by the paintings of Achille Laugé during the 2009 exhibitions of his work. 

She began to gather information about the painter from documentation available and patiently summarized all that constitutes the life and work of my great-grandfather Achille Laugé.

Given the growing number of English speaking newcomers to this area, it is evident that this book will be a very favourable means for them to be better acquainted with the Impressionist painter Achille Laugé.

It is likely that many readers will want to come to Cailhau to discover the Achille Laugé circuit where they can enjoy some of the scenery celebrating the Languedocian light that the Master captured so often.

I thank Barbara Dordi for her work which highlights the work of Achille Laugé.  Happy reading.

      Anny Laugé

                    Great-granddaughter of Achille Laugé

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ANTHOLOGY - The Book of Love & Loss

I am very honoured to be included in this wonderful anthology published October 2014. 
The Book of Love and Loss is dedicated to the memory of
U. A. Fanthorpe 1929 - 2009

Foreword by Maureen Lipman

The Gift of Remembering

'An impressive poetry book, this ground-breaking collection makes an original gift. It also provides a useful source-book for the bereaved, and an inspiration for funerals, memorials and anniversaries.'

Edited by R.V. Bailey and June Hall
The Belgrave Press, Bath
7 Belgrave Rd., Bath BA1 6LU
ISBN 978-0-954215-2-0
£12.99 - clothbound hardback 384pp.
50p per copy sold goes to Parkinsons' Research

Nearly 400 new and contemporary poems on celebration and mourning, hope and despair, which will touch the hearts of all.

Less familiar voices are here along with laureates and many well-loved poets, including: Gillian Clarke, Carol Ann Duffy, UA Fanthorpe, Philip Gross, Jackie Kay, Andrew Motion, Mario Petrucci and Penelope Shuttle.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


POETRY BOOKS by Barbara Dordi

In July this year, I was extremely pleased when the BDA (BIBLIOTHEQUE DEPARTMENT DE L'AUDE) bought the first 7 of my books below.


Les joyaux d’Alfred  
 The Alfred Jewels  
14 €   ₤12.50      

Two Francophiles in Alaigne  
Deux Francophiles  à Alaigne
12 €  ₤10


Ève et la Pomme    8 €   ₤6


Moving Still    ₤7.99 
     Apple and Eve
     12 €       8

8 €       6                

    Airing Cupboard
    8 €  6

The French Literary Review
A twice-yearly review
of poetry and prose.
 8 €      ₤5.50
Un journal illustré au format A5 qui publie des nouvelles, des articles et des poèmes en français et en anglais ayant un lien avec la France.

Available from B. Dordi, allée du Toinet, 11240 Aude France

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Inauguration of new library in Cailhau

Being one of the team of volunteers for this project has been a very enlightening experience. It is interesting to note who takes out which books and how often people use the library. We inherited so many 'Policiers' i.e. crime novels that they outweigh any other category of book in the library, but nowadays people don't seem to be drawn to them. It is interesting discussing books with lenders and listening to their recommendations. We have an English and bilingual section which is frequented mainly by ourselves, the volunteers ( 3 French and 2 English women). Apart from myself, I have yet to witness anyone taking out a poetry book! But then, the library has been opened for just 6 months. I wait with baited breath!

Inauguration de la bibliothèque de Cailhau

Le samedi 2 février, la bibliothèque de Cailhau accueillait dans la bonne humeur une quarantaine de personnes pour l’inauguration officielle des locaux rénovés par la mairie et équipés grâce au Conseil général de l’Aude.

La Bibliothèque départementale fournit environ 450 ouvrages, le reste du fonds ayant été offert par les habitants du village.

Une équipe de bénévoles ouvre la bibliothèque deux fois par semaine, le lundi de 15h à17h,(Corinne Dauverne, Danielle Serres et Anne Allegret) et le mercredi de 16h à 18h. (Barbara Dordi et Janet Shoebridge) Il y a déjà actuellement une cinquantaine de lecteurs, enfants et adultes.

Les locaux accueillent des expositions, ainsi que de nombreuses activités : aide aux devoirs (Anne Allegret), conversation anglaise (Barbara Dordi), conversation française, (Danielle Serres) etc.

Pour les personnes à mobilité réduite, une initiative originale : le « Biblio-vélo » qui deux fois par mois apportera les livres directement à domicile.

Ainsi la culture sera mise à la portée de tous !

Le« Biblio-vélo » de Philippe Cavaillés