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Editor Barbara Dordi

'Equinox is surely the most beautiful of contemporary poetryjournals.' William Oxley

'Equinox is a bi-annual occurrence; a dependable immovablefeast of which each manifestation is entire of itself, being subjectto the exciting variables that twitch the seasons in art as innature. It is also a good read of the lasting sort.' Ann Drysdale

An A5 poetry journal illustrated in colour, Equinox publishes original poems — especially contemporary voices — on any subject and in any style. I am looking for technically accomplished poems which employ striking imagery to convey a truth about life in an unusual/unexpected way. There has to be something about a poem which stays with me after the initial reading.

In each issue Russi Dordi chooses two or three contributors' poems to illustrate in colour. As well as being published in the magazine, illustrations are also reproduced as prints and cards.

There is the challenge of responding to a famous/not so famouspoem or an original painting, and there is also a Reviews section. The most recent addition is the Featured Poet section.

Contributors have included Gillian Allnutt, U.A. Fanthorpe, W.N. Herbert, Ann Drysdale, John Whitworth, William Oxley, Myra Schneider, Mario Petrucci, Peter Sirr, Tony Curtis, Katherine Gallagher and others.

Since this is a non-profit journal which relies solely on subscriptions, fees cannot be paid to contributors.

SUBMISSIONS of up to four previously unpublished poems at a time are welcome. Each poem (maximum 40 lines) must include the poet's name, address and email address. We cannot respond to UK submissions which do not include an SAE (using British postage stamps). European contributors - euro stamps please. Overseas, please include IRCs to the value of £1.20 sterling. Copy deadline: 30th November and 30th June.

B. Dordi
chemin de Cambieure
2, allée du Toinet
11240 Cailhau

SUBSCRIPTIONS£10 for two issues – March and September.(IR & Europe 20 Euros,
USA $30 one year, $50 2-year subscription)
Back copies: £5.50 each. (IR & Europe 11 euros)

Please make cheques payable to B. Dordi



In response to the many requests I have had for a website address - here is my attempt to create not a website, but a blog, so that writers interested in the work I do as editor and writer, will be able to keep up to date with my work.

Equinox - A Poetry Journal and The French Literary Review are the two magazines I edit.

I founded Equinox in1999 and I took over The French Literary Review as editor with issue 8 in 2007. Copies of four editions of Equinox and three editions of The French Literary Review have been digitised by The Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall, London and can be viewed on: