Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Poems by Barbara Dordi
Illustrations by Russi Dordi
Publishers: Pamphlet Poets
Community of Poets Press
Hatfield Cottage
Chilham, Kent

ISBN 1-902529-03-0


Each book is hand sewn, in the pamphlet style of the ninetten twenties and thirties. They are available directly from the publisher or author or any good bookshop.

Extract: Opening poem:


Walk into this other world

feel a thick warmth envelop you

files of folded sheets surround you

experiences washed out

but not away.

Close the door on the outside world

you are free to roam at will

to bathe in waters of past or present

piles of towels here to dry your eyes

if you want it that way.

Hear the silence of enclosed space

punctured only by the gurgling cistern

you can dare all those wild things

warp and weft your only witnesses

in this airy cocoon.


Airing Cupboard, - Poems by Barbara Dordi

Pamphlet Poets, 1999 ISBN 1-902529-03-0 £3.20

"...It is clear to see why this poet has been so consistently published. For me, poetry must, above all, be coherent and accessible. The poems in this collection satisfy such criteria. We get 19 well-written poems from a poet who knows what she wants to say and, as importantly, knows how to say it.

... There is an engaging mixture of allegory and gritty realism, of nostalgia and irony, but all in sensible proportion. Furthermore, the range of styles employed in this collection adds to rather than detracts from the whole".

John Dench,

Writer and Small Press Publisher,

The Providence Press, May 1999

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