Monday, April 9, 2018

Achille Lauge - Neo-Impressionist

Cailhau's first Artist

Cover: Self-portrait in a White Beret by Achille Laugé (about 1895/6)

A 76 page biography featuring colour illustrations of Laugé's work and photographs of the artist and his friends.

With a preface by Laugé's 
great-grandaughter, Anny Laugé


It is with pleasure that I present this book which constitutes an opportunity for our English speaking friends.

The author Barbara Dordi, poet and presenter of writing workshops, and a relatively new inhabitant of Cailhau, was truly moved by the paintings of Achille Laugé during the 2009 exhibitions of his work. 

She began to gather information about the painter from documentation available and patiently  summarized chronologically all that constitues the life and work of my great-grandfather Achille Laugé.

Given the growing number of English speaking newcomers to this area, it is evident that this book will be a very favourable means for them to be better acquainted with the Post-Impressionist painter Achille Laugé.

It is likely that many readers will want to come Cailhau to discover the Achille Laugé circuit where they can enjoy some of the scenery celebrating the Languedocian light that the Master captured so often.

Happy reading, and I thank Barbara Dordi for her work which highlights the work of Achille Laugé.

 Anny Laugé

Copies ₤9.95 or €15 

(including postage)

Available from: 

B. Dordi
11 Bath Road,
PO10 7EP

La Route de Cailhau - Achille Laugé

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