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In June 2019 we relocated to the U.K.

The magazine is in A5 format and is stapled. 
We publish in colour with a cream cover designed by Russi Dordi.  

‘A lively and gorgeously printed ‘small’ magazine of work by lovers of France and things French who do and do not reside there.’
Fred Johnston, Director, The Western Writers’ Centre, Galway
'The French Literary review is a smart magazine with a new, unusual spin: high quality prose and poetry written in English, but with a connection to France. There is a satisfying coherence in the magazine because of its consistent link to the country and language, and this, combined with a wide range of styles and approaches make it an exciting and unique publication.'
Jacqueline Saphra - Poet, playwright and screenwriter
‘Love of good writing, love of France, the French and all things rustique. That's what you need to run The French Literary Review... that and a sound editorial eye. Issue No. 10, for the most part, celebrates the 2008 Poetry Symposium held at the Château de Queille in the Ariège - a long weekend - a meeting of literary minds. Who is The Lady of Quielle? What do they mean to us now, the Cathars and Baudelaire? Why drink Blanquette when you could have Champagne? Interesting ideas and fine writing. Subscribe, sit back, enjoy.’
Anne Stewart, founder of the poetrypf website

Submission guidelines

We are looking for lively, contemporary poems; short stories; extracts from novels which stand on their own; articles; paintings/drawings/photographs, all of which must have a French connection. 

· Stories / Articles (maximum 2) should be between 1000-3000 words. 
· Poems (up to 3) of less than 40 lines each. 
· Original paintings, drawings or photographs ( A4 size maximum)
which either illustrate a poem / article submitted, or are related to
France in some way. 
· Submissions must be typewritten on one side of the paper. Stories
should be single line spaced and have good margins. Hand-written
entries cannot be accepted. 
· Please ensure your name, address, telephone number and email
address appear on your MSS. 
· Please provide a SAE (using British postage stamps if you live in
the UK) or IRCs to the value of ₤1.20  
· We regret we are not able to offer fees for published work. 
. We are a non-profit journal which relies on subscriptions.
Copyright will remain with contributors.

Submission deadlines: 30th July and 30th December

Please send submission B. DORDI, 11,BATH ROAD, EMSWORTH, HAMPSHIRE, PO10 7EP U.K.


2 issues UK/Europe £10 or 13 euros (inc. postage) 
Rest of world £13 or 18 euros (inc.postage)
4 issues UK/Europe £19 or 25 euros (inc postage) 
Rest of world £24.50 or 35 euros (inc postage)
single copies: UK/Europe £5.50 or 8 euros (inc. postage) 

Please note: cheques should be made payable to: B. Dordi


Recours au Poème

Poèsies et Mondes poétiques

Rédacteur en chef :Matthieu Baumier

Le numéro 18 de la revue britannique (cependant basée en France) The French Literary Review nous parvient avec comme thème « Writing with a french connection ». La revue est dirigée par Barbara Dordi, elle-même poète. On y fait de très belles découvertes, de poètes qui seront bientôt amenés à publier dans les pages de Recours au Poème, d’autres aussi. Ainsi, Marcus Smith, June Blumenson, Margaret Beston ou Violet Dench. Parmi une vingtaine de poètes. Une aventure à saluer, la poésie étant ici une sorte de trait d’union entre la France et le Royaume-Uni, une histoire d’amour et d’amitié entre deux pays. Entre les poètes de ces deux pays. De très beaux textes. On découvrira les poètes de plusieurs numéros de cette revue en suivant le lien ci après :

The French Literary Review. B. Dordi.allée du Toinet. 11240 Cailhau.

Le numéro : 8 euros

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